2018 so far…

It’s been a while since my last blog. When this year started, I wanted to work on myself and my health so I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to. Throughout the last couple of months a lot has happened, my health has not been improving which was unexpected and we are still trying to find a solution on how to keep my pain under control.

It hasn’t been easy and extremely stressful but I have such an amazing support and a lot is with the help from my partner. He has been so supportive/encouraging and I cannot wait to see where our future will take us as a couple and as individuals.

At first, I wanted this blog to be about sharing my stories with you guys on Endometriosis. But when I had my surgery I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore and I could just go back to being myself and live a normal life and this blog would just be about… well everything. I was wrong and even now I’m still trying to process it all. This has put me in such a negative head space where I feel like I’m incapable of doing anything.

I have so much on my mind and sometimes it’s keeping me up at night. I just feel like I cant put my words together and constantly feel frustrated with everything including myself. so blogging hasn’t been at the top of my to do list and I just don’t think being negative will really help anyone so I’ve put this on hold until I could clear my head.

Someone has reminded me about what’s important and that each one of us are strong enough to get over any obstacles thats thrown in our paths. So I’m going to continue sharing my stories with you guys… good or bad. I hope that some of you can share yours with me as well (in the comments below or emails as some of you have been already).

see you on my next blog.

P x

28 thoughts on “2018 so far…

  1. Hi Panida,
    You are being prayed for.
    Have been struggling with multiple liver cancer tumors myself, but am making it say by day with Gods grace.

    May His merciful hand touch and comfort you is my prayer.


    Roland Henderson

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  2. Hello,

    Getting back on track with blogging is an opportune time just in time for the Summer months, a lot is going on. I hope to hear from you, again and thanks for sharing your arriving development in being encouraged to face and shift through the journeys ahead that will bring new hope and joy in daily routines.

    Up with Prayer
    Kim, Acoustic Expression


  3. For me, Faith is important. Faith that I will get through this obstacle one day at a time, one step at a time. I have the responsibility of a family of six, and I am the only one working at the present. There are bills due and a mortgage to pay, plus other small things that have to be handled and it is so overwhelming. But I have Faith, precious Faith. Not necessarily in myself, but in a Will Power greater than myself that will push me and uphold me, sustain me and carry me, lift me and raise me… one. step. at a time.

    Hang in there. My prayers are with you.

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      1. Those who wait on the Lord will never be put to shame. God is always faithful, friend. I know this to be true. I will trust God on your behalf so you can learn to do so all the more. I am praying for you to know this truth as well as I do.

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  4. God bless you and prayers that your health will get better. Don’t worry if you haven’t written in your blog for a while , the most important thing right now is your health. You can always blog when you feel better whenever that may be.

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  5. HI,
    I am so sorry you have to go through this. I had endometriosis myself. I had my surgery after my second child was born, he was two when I could no longer deal with all that this issue has to throw at us! It returned about 10 years ago, my son is now 22! I decided to skip the surgery the second time around and try to wait it out, and hope menopause would take care of it! The second time around it is less pain and more “livable”. Hang in there! It will get better 😊

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  6. Be your own best friend. Don’t forget to encourage yourself as well as others. If you aren’t willing to encourage yourself, why not? Are you less important? Do you think you are? I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are equal to every other human being and that you are loved infinitely more than you could possibly imagine.


      1. You are welcome. I attempt to speak truth at all times, however. The kindness of those truths merely is evidence of your own generosity (as not all truths are kind!).


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