Ever since I was young, it has always been a dream of mine to visit Barcelona. I’m not sure why I wanted to go there but recently I was able to experience a long weekend in this city. This was my first ever holiday so flying was not something I looked forward to. Luckily I was with my partner so it wasn’t so bad. The flight was from London which was only a few hours to Barcelona. When we landed, we had to travel from the airport to our hotel which was located in Sant Marti. The hotel was only a few months old, everything was new and nicely decorated. We landed very late at night so we went straight to bed and planned to get up early so we could enjoy the whole day in Barcelona.

We left the hotel the next morning around 8am and started to explore the city… we walked for hours. The houses looked so chic and unique it was so adorable. There was so many little roads and every where you go were tiny little shops. After a long day of walking we managed to walk over to La Rambla which was a long street full of shops where you can do your shopping. This road also takes you all the way to the beach. The weather was hot so we stopped at a bar nearby the beach and had a few drinks before heading back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon by the pool. We had dinner at the hotel. Both of us ordered steaks and it was probably the best steak I’ve ever had. We then went for an evening walk to the beach and there was a huge weekend festival going on in Barcelona called La Mercè Festival. People were drinking, dancing and it was like 1am. The beach was packed for miles and the vibe was great except for the fact that the music was in Spanish and we had no idea what everybody was saying.

The next morning we did some more exploring around the city. We walked to the the centre of Barcelona where we were joined by people who were involved in Catalan independence referendum. The people were so friendly, everyone was happy and full of energy it was nice to have experienced something like that, definitely something to remember. Later that evening we went out for dinner for some Spanish meals like mussels and paella’s and that was delicious. After dinner there was fire work display by the beach and it was a perfect ending to our last night in Barcelona.

My overall experience in Barcelona was amazing. I loved the food, the people and the lifestyle. Some where I would love to move to and I wish I was there for a longer period of time. This holiday was booked before I had my surgery and it fully put me in a place where I felt more relaxed and was ready for my surgery.

P x

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