Slowly learning…

For each of us “life” has always been a long-term lesson. This depends on who you are as a person and how fast you learn from every decision you’ve made. Some people feel like they’re in a competition with others and for some they feel like they’re in a competition with themselves. But bare in mind, I am aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinions… so you might agree or disagree with this post.

I don’t know what my feelings are at the moment but for sure a lot has been happening and my thoughts are all over the place. I’ve recently started a new job and this is my third week now. Dealing with Endometriosis has always been difficult but for a few weeks it has been quite easy and I think my job has a huge role in this. I’ve been able to eat/sleep more regularly and I think that this has put me in a positive head space. From this, I feel mentally and physically better giving me the ability to live my life as normal again.

I think what we need to understand as a human… is that we need to put ourselves in a place or around people who are positive because negative thoughts will only put you in an uncomfortable position. Take me for example, when I was in pain not sleeping/eating I just felt like I couldn’t function and my life was basically over (I know that sounds dramatic right). This is when you need to tell yourself only you can make that change because this won’t just come to you. I had to change what was causing me to feel negative and everything just works out.

Going back to what I said at the beginning… I think that we are our own competition and we all do things in our own pace. Understand that everything you do should be what’s best for you and your loved ones. I would say listen to your heart but I think that’s my biggest problem, my feelings would take control over me and I become fragile and an emotional wreck. So I would say use your head because we all know what’s right and wrong and follow that instead… they tend to make better decisions than your heart and not leaving you feeling vulnerable. Believe that you deserve the life you desire to live and continue to grow from there. I hope this will some how encourage everyone to give themselves more credit because that’s the least you deserve and know that nothing is permanent unless you allow it to be.

P x

28 thoughts on “Slowly learning…

  1. Glad to hear that you’re doing better! God loves you so much, pvnida. You’re so amazing to Him. Keep dreaming big and going after life. He’s got an awesome plan for you and you’re always on His heart and in His mind. God bless you!


  2. You are so right… I am an emotional person too… BUT when something is just rationally no good, then we need to do what we should do to change the situation, keeping our own self interests in mind. Great post ❤


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