Something new and different…

You would think having 3 weeks off work would just be perfect, but on this occasion is not the case. This pain has been with me everyday/night and it’s getting harder and harder to cope. I physically feel so unhealthy… I always feel like I’m going to be sick it’s horrible. I took some time off blogging because I thought I needed to really focus on my health and really didn’t want to make this a diary.

Besides that… a few things has happened:
1. I started my new job today and it seems really chilled and stressed free. Instead of shifts work it’s more like a set pattern which is great. I’ve been eating more regularly and was able to catch up on my sleeps. With this job is more office based.. from standing all day to sitting by my desk really helps the pain.
2. My partner and I have finally booked our first holiday together which is something I am really excited about. It’s only going to be a long weekend but when I come back I’ll be all relaxed and ready for my surgery. I am really scared about this whole surgery thing but I hope the holiday should keep me calm.

I’m sure you must think what’s my point… well I’m about to get to it. Today I had to go back to my old work place and return my uniform. I felt bad for leaving my job and didn’t feel too comfortable to face the people that are still there. I didn’t want people to accuse me of lying about why I’ve been off work etc. If I’m fully honest, it’s kind of sad how they seem to think I’m lying about what’s going on with me having that I provided them letters from the hospital and everything. I went there anyway and I was not wrong. I find myself beginning to explain why each day I haven’t been able to come in for work and then I thought what’s the point..

  • You know what’s wrong with yourself so why bother giving anyone any sort of explanation when you don’t have to.
  • Your family and your partner are the ones that cares for you so other people’s opinion does not matter.
  • Knowing that the decision you’ve made helps you to improve your health, be proud of the fact that you’ve chose to do this.

Please do not be afraid to be selfish because like I said some people will not believe you. It’s only you that will be able to do what’s best for yourself.

Need an advice/talk please contact me.

37 thoughts on “Something new and different…

  1. What a shame that some people are so judgmental and concerned with the lives of others in this negative way. You are quite right to rise above it – at the end of the day it is none of their business, and they will be forgotten from you life before you know it. The people that matter do not require any explanations. Xx


  2. I’m glad that you’re doing better especially job wise. You’re moving on to bigger and better things. Sometimes people are miserable in their lives, so they want to make other people feel the same way. To heck with them. You seem to be much happier now, even planning your holiday . Good for you. God bless you and continue to keep us informed on your progress through your blog.


  3. I can relate to your story. Be the amazing beautiful lady you are, no holds barred. I spent a good part of my life worrying about pleasing other people. It’s not worth it. We only get one life. Live it to the fullest and those who are dead weight can replaced with real people who care. Love yourself enough. 💜💜💜

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  4. you must work only if it interests you otherwise it is waste of precious life. Be focussed on your likes and work accordingly. you cannot afford to wither away life .

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  5. I can very much relate. I have Endometriosis as well. Got fired from and left a few jobs because of it. People don’t realize how painful it is even when you are rushed in for emergency surgery.. Clueless. Stay strong!


  6. You seem like a very strong person to be dealing with endometriosis but continuing with work and even travel, and trying to keep a positive attitude. I admire you and wish you the best.


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