Was it the right decision?

Went back to work for the first time since I’ve been off for the past two weeks. It was strange… I mean, the way people were acting around me was so uncomfortable. My current job is shift work and at first the pain was not too bad so I didn’t have any issue with my hours etc. But then it got worse. Every time when there’s pain in my stomach there was tears on my face. It was so hard because I didn’t want to cause my work any issues but at this point I’ve pushed my body to the point where I just couldn’t anymore. This has then caused me a lot of stress. I was not eating very much or getting enough sleep (So it made me feel ill and the pain got even worse).

My family and my partner have told me time and time again to do what’s best for “me/my body” and not what’s best for my work. At the end of the day what’s the point of working your health away when there’s no health to enjoy what you’ve worked for. Finally at the end, I actually listened and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have found a job role that’s more suitable for me, I feel a lot more relaxed and focusing on my health more.

Moral of the story is please do not feel bad for putting “you/your health” first. Because worrying about how others would feel, how work will react and not being able to work will only stress you out. As stupid as this sentence sounds; you only live once. To live and being able to enjoy your life the way that makes you happy is what’s important.

Please see links below or email me if you need to talk or ask for any advice.

P x

67 thoughts on “Was it the right decision?

    1. I worked for almost 3 years in an a job I hated (a very large utility company in the UK). I eventually got the sack after having paid sick leave for 6 months with depression. Almost the first thing they did was sack me, not what you need when you were off with depression. I haven’t looked back since. I am now a lot happier although it did take me 12 months to get another job. I now work giving something back – I work with medicines.

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      1. I think this is unacceptable. There are serious illnesses and conditions people need to be more aware of and taken it more seriously. I’m glad that your back on your feet that’s great!

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      2. To be able to speak about my own experiences and some of you can relate is amazing. Because this might help many others who doesn’t feel like they know what they should do so I hope this will help 🙂

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  1. I think we should always put our own health before anything else. Especially since without health we have nothing. It is not always selfish to put our own self before others. Plus, your work won’t be there to support you when you are down on your knees !

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  2. Our main job in this life is first, to take care of ourselves and second, to take care of those we are entrusted with (partners, children, parents, friends – the order may vary). Work comes and goes. It’ll be there when you’re better physically. Sometimes, work helps taking our mind of other problems and it diverts focus. Don’t let it eat your health away.

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  3. Such a relatable post! Happens with so many people, but only few are able to take a strong decision. You took the right decision. Our ultimate goal in life is happiness. You feel happy? Then that’s the best decision you’ve taken.


  4. That was a very wise decision! I was foolish and pushed my body past its’ limit and ended up incapacited for many years because of it. I was not able to work, pursue my artwork (losing my galleries) or do anything more than care for my basic needs, read and watch TV. I had to use a wheelchair for several years because I could not walk and breathe at the same time. During this “down time” I watched every religious and spiritual program that helped to keep my spirts up as I trying to regain my health. It was very challenging! But, as people came on these shows and told of their own physical and emotional challenges that they work through, AND OVERCAME, I learned so much about myself and God, and what I needed to do to change my thinking so that I could become well again. God has plans for us and He will lead us, if we let Him — I, had rebelled, working against my body’s limitations, going against God’s will and learned a hard long lesson. Like you, people were warning me to slow down and not overdo, but, I was determined to achieve what I wanted and would not listen. Now, I am trying to live in balance and accept my physical limitations and work around them. I am so glad that you listened to your loved ones and that you telling others about your story. I will repost your blog to share with others, too.


    1. Thank you Delores for sharing your story, it’s nice to know that you are trying to balance you health with basic lifestyle as you should again. I hope you are well and doing a lot better. X


    2. You said you paint rocks. Do you know the game of the painted rocks. You take the painted rock with your first name or initials and hide it somewhere, anywhere in your town. make sure you take a picture of it, When someone finds the rock they have to take a picture ot it and post it , then either keep it, hide it somewhere else or create a new one. See how many people join in near and far


  5. I’m really sorry for what you’re going through and thankful you’re taking care of yourself and getting the care you need!
    I pray God bless and heal you complete!


    1. This is not acceptable. This is why I feel like women in these situations should really use their voice. That way they’ll be able to prioritise their health.


  6. I searched for many years to find wholeness. My soul was sick because the ego was directing my life, I could not see my wonder and was stuck in the mindset of not worry. This emotional pain found a way to heal. I wrote words to touch the deep felt feelings that were buried for years. The words set me free, I found healing with writing poetry and published a poetry and photography book, that tell the story of the “hero’s” journey of becoming whole. I titled the book, Winter;s Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. Life is a mystery and going within is a sacred healing to discover the authentic self. I learned loving and having compassion with me was essential for living a healthier life.


  7. I must admit that I have never heard of entometriosis. So I googled it and read about it on wikipedia. Ouch! that is some serious stuff and I feel your pain. Be assured; I have placed you on my prayer list. God bless you young lady.


  8. your decision to work to regulate your health was best and you need not to do things that doesn’t give happiness and great feelings .Do what can be done without cursing every time the circumtances.Recently Irealised after working constantly for 47 years that i need to rest at least for the time being .Idid leave most lucrative job and enjoying the bliss for a moment.

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