Work, Surgery and thoughts.

With Endometriosis you can never tell when the pain comes and goes, everyday morning when you wake up you can only hope that it’s not there. The past two weeks I’ve been off work because of the pain and it still hasn’t gone away. I’m returning back to work tomorrow and sometimes you just need to get on with your life and not let things affect you so much (With that being said please do not take this as an advice… as this was based on my own decision and really I’m just bored of staying in bed all the time).

GOOD NEWS! we finally have a surgery date… but to be honest I’m not sure whether I’m happy or scared because I’ve never had a surgery before. Putting that aside, I feel like it probably is the best option for my body and this might help to take the pain away for a while so I just have to man up and do what’s necessary.

For women who are dealing with Endometriosis, I would like to encourage you to not rely on the pain to disappear because we all know that’s not how it works. Please speak to other women who are dealing with Endometriosis to seek for advice or see specialists if you need to because you do not want this to get any worse.

For any support/advice; see the links below or email me directly.

P x


4 thoughts on “Work, Surgery and thoughts.

  1. I’ve had 2 surgeries for my endo & it does help indeed at least to keep an eye on it and check the severity of it. I wish you luck with your first surgery and will be thinking of you x flare ups are horrible.


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