Complicated and confused.

Another day of abdomen pain from Endometriosis. It has been hurting me none stop for the past 2 weeks. Every time I feel like I’m getting better and the next day the pain comes back again. During the night, sleeping isn’t much of an option when the pain doesn’t allow you to.

This honestly feels like I’ve been locked in prison. Not given the freedom that everyone else has. I mean, the only thing that still makes me feel like a normal human being is the love of my life. No matter how strong you want to be your body literally does not allow you to fulfil your normal life routine. But as cliche as this sounds… stay strong and stay positive because that day when you finally feel like things are getting back to normal again it’ll feel so rewarding knowing that you have dealt with something this difficult.

As mentioned from my previous post “support” is important. This is one of the most important element in staying strong/positive.

(If you need to talk or need an advice please feel free to email me or see my homepage for Endometriosis Team support)


7 thoughts on “Complicated and confused.

  1. I’m a family caregiver and I really appreciate your ability to share about chronic pain and its impact on life. Thank you for blogging, and I pray it brings support your way as you help others you’ve never met.


  2. I appreciate that you’ve started a blog to share your thoughts and feelings about your specific illness. While I do not have the same diagnosis, I have suffered from chronic pain since 2003. Since I had surgery to have spinal implant, it has improved. But it’s not totally gone. The difference today is that rather than a riotous shout, the pain is more of a low grumble. I try not to speak of it because so many people just don’t have it in them to listen. That’s okay. I have a strong faith in God and I know this pain is for this life only. Blessings to you.


  3. Ironic that I’ve just started a daily exercise routine that is literally giving me a pain in the abdomen – from doing sit-ups! Hope that whatever can get better will get better soon.
    Kindness – Robert.


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