What how and why?

To some people “Endometriosis” is just a long name. When I first saw it myself I was like “Right great whatever on earth this is”.

Well Endometriosis is where the tissues are formed like the lining of the womb, this can be found in many different places.. and for me is my ovary. There are so many different symptoms and believe me the list goes on. I’ve taken so many different medications to help me with the pain from Paracetamol to morphine and nothing helps. I constantly feel like I’m a walking medicine. I mean you can literally eat me and will be cure from your headache. I think at some point even my partner thought I was an addict.

I’m sure some of you women can relate and know exactly what I am going through. But to some of you that don’t.. well let’s just say you’re lucky that you have a healthy body. I want some of you that don’t know much about this to be aware of this condition because in a severe case of Endometriosis it can prevent you from being able to conceive.

You might notice at some point my posts are at odd times of the day and that’s because of the pain I just cannot sleep at all. Anyway Netflix will do the trick for now just started watching #TheOA I hope this puts me to sleep.

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12 thoughts on “What how and why?

  1. I know what it is like to live in continual daily pain. When I don’t have pain it feels odd. But please be careful with pain meds, especially when they don’t work. the roller coaster ride it puts you on is worse than what made you take them in the first place. No man can understand, just like we will never understand the things they go through as their body ages and their prostate swells and they can’t pee, or when they become impotent. We each have our own sets of problems, but I don’t think a man’s problems comes close to the pain every single woman goes through because of her reproductive system. I’m past all that now – and that causes other problems. It’s life. It’s aging. No one gets away with having no problems – they are just different problems. As you go through this it will teach you empathy when you hear of others with the same problem. When you say you understand – you really do. That is one good thing about blogging. It is a way to find people. sometimes you need them and sometimes they need you. Be good to your body. It is the only one you have. I wish you the best.

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  2. I also know what it’s like to have continuous pain, and have taken over the counter pain meds for a little over a year. I was switching between Advil and Aleve and the generic equivalent. In the beginning, I didn’t think anything of it. We were moving and I took the meds to get through the move. I only needed it one time a day and didn’t think anything of it. Then this year, I started to need it more times and by the end of it, I was medicating the limit, 600-800mg at a time at 4x a day. Chemo treatments have taken the pain away, but I know it’s not altogether gone because the cancer is still in there and not operable at this time. I am on an Rx’d med but only as needed and I don’t need it all the time, and when I do take it, only once in a number of days. I have advanced Uterine Cancer but the term “endometrial” has been used by doctors so I am assuming that it’s related to what you have. I am so grateful for this pain to be gone, for the most part; and praying for your surgery to go well. The waiting is the hardest part, isn’t it?


  3. thank you for sharing … I’m interested in learning more about endometriosis. Sorry for your pain. I am in the process of starting a non profit to help situations like yours. Do you know of cures or others working on this sort of issue? 🙂 peace to you.


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