The start.

First, I want to just start by saying I’m not a professional blogger. So please do not expect anything fancy because this is not what this blog will be.

I simply wanted to share my experience dealing with Endometriosis and be able to have a voice for other women around the world who are dealing with this too. I know some of us feel like nobody understands what we are going through and honestly I am sure they don’t… because personally I don’t either. I have recently joined a group for women who has Endometriosis online. Seeing many women posting stuff about their days and how they are dealing with it is horrible. For me, I sometimes feel like no matter who I talk to.. no matter how much I explain to them what Endometriosis is they still don’t get it.

Your probably thinking what’s your point.. well I wanted to share my experience so many other women could feel like they are not alone and someone do understand what they’re going though. I want to be able to help and maybe give an advice to someone who needs it… please understand it is just me and my experience I am not an expert.

Hoping to see you for my next post!

P x


14 thoughts on “The start.

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Panida. I went through terrible pain with ‘women’s related things’ when I was younger, but nothing was ever looked into or diagnosed. Now my daughter is suffering too and I don’t want her to go on in pain like I did. It’s good to get together to share and to make sure something is done about it.


    1. Thank you, I think if that’s the case she should get it checked out. I was informed by my gynaecologist that endometriosis is more common than you think. Because female have been having these monthly cycle for years we tell ourselves that it’s normal to be in pain during cycle. And that’s really not always the case.

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      1. I absolutely agree. Severe pain is not normal and is a sign that something isn’t right. Thankfully, she’s made an appointment with the doctor.


  2. Your blogging seems very clear and easy to read. Thank you for sharing so that that rest of us can know that we are not crazy or hypochondriacs! We also can know that we are not alone. Thanks~!


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